Strategic Initiatives Plan

We are pleased to present The Arc of Liberty Five -- Year Strategic Plan. Our plan serves as a roadmap for our Executive Board members, partner organizations and constituents to follow as we progress through the current state of continuous change in the process of advocacy to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our strategic plan has been created in the course of over one year of meetings, deliberation and planning. The result is a strategic plan, which includes a clear mission and vision statements along with challenging goals. We strive to be efficient and effective when responding to the concerns of the community. Our efforts will venture into enterpriseing activities that will improve the daily life and community involvement of those individuals and families we represent.

Our commitment to advocacy is steadfast; however we understand that in an environment of continued political, economic and technological change our strategic initiatives and goals may require readjustments. This is why we will set a timeline for short and long-term accomplishments.

We are confident that we have in place the leadership, personnel and processes to make informed descisions and changes as necessary, while always keeping in mind our mission, vision and the well-being of our constituents. Please examin our plan and learn of the goals we envision and our organization. It is important for the future of Liberty Arc that all members of our organization are well informed, actively involved and invested in the planned initiatives. Thank You!