To promote advocacy and establish greater understanding and inclusion of individuals with developmental / intellectual disabilities in the community at large, foster community partnerships and innovative activities by offering exceptional support to people with persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.


The attraction, development and retention of superior talent who passionately demonstrate best practices in support of our mission to advocate for people of all abilities and empower them to succeed by making their own choices.

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Core Values

People First :

All people must be treated with dignity and respect.  Everyone has strengths, abilities and inherent value.  People should be empowered to make informed decisions and choices.

Visionary Leadership :

By staying true to our mission and partnering with others, we provide innovative, unique, creative services that enhance the lives of those we support. Liberty

Community Partnership :

We recognize that each individual is an integral member of a larger community including but not limited to family, neighborhood, city, state, nation, and world. To have a positive community presence, we encourage our community partners to include all people.

Diversity :

The Arc of Liberty values and insists upon diversity in its leadership and membership. The Arc actively pursues and welcomes diverse groups (The ARC does not discriminate against individuals based upon race, ethnicity, religion, age, geographic location, sexual orientation, gender and level of disability).

Integrity and Excellence :

The Arc of Liberty proudly acts with integrity by practicing transparency and honesty in our business. Through constant quality assurance practices, The Arc of Liberty aspires to excellence in all its work.